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Sweden will be present at Salone del Gusto and Terra Madre in Turin from the 23-27th of October with an interesting mix of small, high quality producers and food organizations from different regions in Sweden, such as Skåne, West Sweden and Sápmi. Locally produced reindeer, oysters, salmon, whisky, beer, honey, cheese, sourdough and crisp bread are some of the products that will be showcased.

Sweden is one of the up & coming culinary regions of Europe with a unique approach to food. The climate is diverse and the country stretches more than 1500 kilometers, from well above the polar circle to the fertile plains of the southern tip. Sweden covers nine climate zones, allowing for a rich diversity of flora, fauna and traditions with a very interesting regional cuisine.


Exhibitors from the very north are VisitSápmi, Slow Food Sápmi and Renlycka. Sápmi is the name of Sámi land traditionally inhabited by the  Sami people and reindeer management.  The Swedish part extends from central Sweden in Dalarna to Lapland - immense forests, beautiful lakes, mountains and rivers. VisitSápmi is the Sámi initiative to organize and promote sustainable and ethical Sámi tourism, including the development of the Sápmi Experience - a quality label for Sámi entrepreneurs as a traveler’s guide to the Sámi way of life. The company Renbiten is presented in Salone del Gusto and they combine herding with its own processing, shop & cafe and Sami experiences.

Slow Food Sápmi (SFS) is an organization that includes the Sámi regions of Sweden, Finland, Norway and Russia, and represents Sámi food entrepreneurs and Sámi people interested in Sámi cuisine and the sustainable use of natural resources. Renlycka is a quality label that is co-owned by reindeer farmers. Reindeer  meat is wild, exotic and healthy meat that offers a taste of genuine Sámi food culture.

The producers represented at Salone del Gusto are Idre Ren & Vilt, Lapplandsvilt, FjällviltRenprodukter and Brurskanken Rein, Norway with different products made from reindeer meat, like dried sausage and a Sámi specialty called souvas - meat which is first salted and then smoked

The beautiful southern Swedish region of Skåne acts as Sweden’s main pantry – in spite of being a relatively small area, Skåne  produces a third of the country’s food. Producers here make a wide range of beverages like cider, juice, vodka, beer, whisky and wine. The region also provides fish caught along the coasts, wild venison from the forest, and sugar beets, wheat and apples from its fields. It offers all kinds of food experiences – from smokehouses to fine dining restaurants. The organization Taste of Skåne is focused on developing small-scale food production and culinary tourism.

The exhibitors from Skåne are: Röstånga Mölla, a small family business selling extra-fermented sourdough bread baked in their farm bakery using freshly milled organic flour (the family also manages several cafés in Skåne); Spirit of Hven Backafallsbyn, a family owned distillery located on the small island of Hven offering organic oak-matured whiskey, Aquavit and organic gin and vodka, the final distillation of which is carried out in unique copper stills; and Gylleneidens Naturskafferi and Bidrottningen, who produce marmalades, berries, wild herbs and honey using traditional methods in order to preserve as much flavor and aroma in the products as possible. 

With its varied landscape - breathtaking coastlines, beautiful countryside, lakes and deep forests - West Sweden is an ideal destination for gastronomic exploration.  The area is renowned for having some of the best shellfish in the world. Due to the cold and clean waters, shellfish grow slowly here – yielding a wonderfully fresh salt-sea flavor. Visitors can learn how to catch and cook them on a seafood safari. The inland forests provide a variety of game, berries and fresh fish, whilst the countryside produces fine cheeses, beer and schnapps. Gothenburg, the gateway to West Sweden, is a green coastal city with a lively cultural scene and top-notch cuisine with no less than five restaurants with Michelin stars.

The producers from West Sweden include: The smokehouse in Strömstad, Everts Sjöbod, Östra Gärde farm and Gettergoda Gelato. They will present locally raised oysters and mushrooms, ecological smoked salmon and salted mackerel, porter beer and artisan goat’s milk ice cream.   

From the county of Jämtland in the north of Sweden, Mörsjö Deli, a family-run business and manufacturer of gourmet specialties, introduces their Tunnbröd (thin bread), made for centuries according to their ancient recipe. It goes great with appetizers. 

Eldrimner, a national center for artisan food, provides knowledge, support and inspiration to food artisans throughout Sweden. Six small dairies and farms from different regions in Sweden are represented through Eldrimner - Skärvångens bymejeri, Hagelstads Gårdsmejeri, Skogens Sköna Gröna, Rältagården, Hara Gård and Resville Mathantverk. They will have samples ofdifferent kinds of cheese, ham, crispbread, juices, nectars and jams and processed pine products like syrup.

Meet us at: Pavillion  Ovale stand  6H021-6G022

Friday 24- Sunday 26 at h 15.00, 16.00 and 17.00: presentations and tastings

Sweden – the new culinary nationA vision formulated by the Swedish Ministry for Rural Affairs in 2008 in order to promote Swedish cuisine and agriculture. Long, bright spring and summer evenings, diverse produce and manufacturing methods, a unique natural environment and world-class chefs make Sweden a culinary nation well worth discovering.

About Try Swedish: Try Swedish is an open invitation from Sweden to food lovers all over the world to taste and explore the culture of a country rich in natural ingredients and epicurean ideas.

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More information about the exhibitors and their products including photos in high

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ABOUT BUSINESS SWEDEN  Business Sweden facilitates and promotes the growth of Swedish companies abroad and investment opportunities for foreign companies in Sweden.

ABOUT VISITSWEDEN VisitSweden is a communications company that works to promote the brand of Sweden and the Swedish destinations and experiences internationally.


Auf Schloss Bjertorp gilt: Nur das Beste für die Gäste. 🍴😋👌 (på/i Bjertorp Slott)

Das Restaurant Sjöboden in Spiken ist ein ganz heißer Tipp, wenn man mal in der Nähe ist. Lässt sich zum Beispiel super mit einem Besuch bei Läckö Slott verbinden. Wer dieses Jahr noch her möchte, dem sei das letzte Wochenende vor Weihnachten ans Herz gelegt. Da findet hier im Hafen von Spiken ein gemütlicher Weihnachtsmarkt statt! 🎅🎄🎁 (på/i Sjöboden)

Bocuse d’Or Europe 2014

The very best talents in European cooking will compete in Stockholm for a place in the final

7-8 May 2014

GastroNord Trade Fair

Stockholm, Sweden

20 chefs from all parts of Europe will pit their skills against one another on May 7 and 8, 2014 in Stockholm, as part of the Gastronord trade fair. After winning national selection events held in their respective countries, the candidates are more eager than ever to surpass themselves during a 5 hr 35 culinary show that promises to be staggering! Following this battle at the top, only 12 Chefs will earn a ticket for the grand final of the Bocuse d’Or in 2015.

From January 27 to 28, 2015, the next edition of the Sirha trade exhibition will welcome the final of the Bocuse d’Or. But before competing for the title of best cook of the world, the candidates must first take part in continental selection events! The Bocuse d’Or Europe will bring together the crème de la crème among chefs from 20 countries:

The schedule for each country is as follows:

                             7th may 2014                               8th may 2014                      

Box 1                  Germany          Box 1                  Finland

Box 2                  Spain                  Box 2                  United Kingdom

Box 3                  Turkey               Box 3                  Switzerland

Box 4                  France               Box 4                  Hungary

Box 5                  Italy                    Box 5                  Austria

Box 6                  Estonia              Box 6                  Iceland

Box 7                  Norway             Box 7                  Sweden

Box 8                  Denmark          Box 8                  Luxembourg

Box 9                  Netherland      Box 9                  Belgium

Box 10                Bulgaria             Box 10                Russia

Mathias Dahlgren, President of the Jury

The 20 candidates, assisted by their commis, will prepare a meat dish using Havor Gard Swedish piglet, and a fish dish using Swedish coalfish and seafood within 5 hr 35 m.

Inside their open contest kitchens, facing an enthusiastic public, the chefs will display wonders of creativity and precision to send their creations and make a good impression on the jury. Work techniques, respect for the products, taste of course, but also optimisation of ingredients use will be among the criteria for the jury, presided over by Swedish chef Mathias Dahlgren (Bocuse d’Or 1997). By his side, Eléna Arzak (restaurant Arzak, San Sebastian) will be the President of the International Jury and Bjorn Frantzen (restaurant Frantzen, Stockholm) will be President of Honour.

Candidates in the 2014 edition:

Country             First name        Name                 Establishment

Austria               Maximilian       Aichinger          Landhaus Zu Appesbach

Germany          Christian           Kruger               Restaurant Axt

Belgium             Peter                  Aesaert             Warande Bxl

Bulgaria             Peter                  Petrov Plamenov                       Pure Chefs Grill

Denmark          Kenneth           Hansen              Svinkløv Badehotel

Estonia              Dmitri                 Haljukov           Premiere Cru Oy, Restaurant Cru

Spain                  Alberto              Moreno            Grupo D.H Gastro

Finland              Matti                  Jämsen              G. W. Sundmans

France               Nicolas               Davouze           Château Saint-Martin & Spa

Hungary            Gábor                Molnar              Geisel Privathotel Munich hotel Excelsior

Italy                    Diego                 Rigotti                Maso Franch Gourmet & Relais

Iceland              Sigurdur            Helgason          Restaurant Grillid Radissonblu Hotel

Luxembourg   Damien             Klein                   Restaurant Montclair / Hotel Saarpark

Norway             Ørjan                  Johannessen  Bekkjarvik Gjestgiveri

Netherlands    Jan                      Smink                 Kwartier Noord

United-Kingdom                        Adam                 Bennett            The Cross In Kenilworth

Russia                Igor                     Sus                      Restaurant “Rafinad”

Sweden            Tommy              Myllymaki        Restaurant Sjon

Switzerland     Christoph         Hunziker           Restaurant Schämerhof

Turkey               Gurcan              Gulmez             Four Seasons Hotel Sultanahmet


AB3C - Anne Daudin

34, rue de l ’Arcade - Paris 75008 - FRANCE

+33(0) 1 53 30 74 00


Sweden has a new world champion in baking.

Håkan Johansson, 32 , from Falkenberg, is the best pastry chef in the world. Representing Sweden against seven other nations at the World Baking Championships in Paris on Wednesday, the Swede won gold after an eight-hour bake-off in the sweet bread category.

What made the victory all the more sweeter for Håkan Johansson was that he beat the French on their home patch making such pastries as croissants and pain au chocolat.

"This still feels a bit surreal but absolutely amazing. I felt pumped up for the World Championship and was aiming for gold. My training period has gone from October last year until now, and for the last two months I baked the full range of pastries 5-7 days a week," he says.

To make good sweet bread there are no shortcuts, there are only natural and fresh ingredients that apply. When starting in the morning, you always start from zero. There are no limits to what you can create with just a little flour and water - that’s my gold recipe,” says Håkan Johansson to the Swedish Association of Bakers and Pastry Chefs which runs the Swedish team.

The work of the particpants in the sweet bread category were judged on weight, volume, taste, form and technique.

Håkan is a master of bread, he was outstanding in all assessments. He showed innovative tastes and his pastries had a glow about them. To beat the French on their home ground over croissants says it all. Swedish bakers are of international standard and Håkan is the best of any in the world. He was well worth gold,” says Martin Lundell, president of the Swedish bakers and pastry chefs association.

Håkan Johansson tävlar i bagar-VM. Foto: Coupe Louis LeSaffre.

World Champ Håkan Johansson in Paris.Photo: Coupe Louis LeSaffre.

Hamburg, 11.03.2014  Fast 800 Restaurants in Schweden standen für die Gastrokritiker des schwedischen Gastronomieführers White Guide für die aktuelle Ausgabe 2014 auf dem Prüfstand. Davon haben es ganze 589 in den White Guide 2014 ( geschafft, der Anfang März der Öffentlichkeit präsentiert wurde. Gleich mehrere Stockholmer Restaurants konnten sich über Auszeichnungen freuen, vor allem natürlich das „Esperanto“, das sich nun als das „beste Restaurant des Jahres“ mit dem begehrtesten Titel schmücken darf. Nicht minder gefreut haben sich aber auch die Betreiber des „Oaxen Krog & Slip“ über die Auszeichnung als „Kulinarisches Erlebnis des Jahres“. Als „Bester Neukömmling des Jahres“ empfiehlt sich eine weitere Stockholmer Adresse: das „Lilla Ego“, das sich direkt einen Platz auf der Liste der Meisterklasse-Restaurants sichern konnte. Und auch das „Biererlebnis des Jahres“ sowie das „Kaffeeerlebnis des Jahres“ ist in der schwedischen Hauptstadt zu finden, genauer gesagt im „The Flying Elk“ (Bier) beziehungsweise im „Gastrologik“ (Kaffee). Viele andere größere und kleinere Städte in Schweden haben ebenfalls aus kulinarischer Sicht so einiges zu bieten. Sieger in der Kategorie „Eine Reise wert“ ist beispielsweise die „Ölbaren“ in Åre, das „Lokal der Herzen“ ist das „Magnus & Magnus m2“ in Göteborg, die beste Performance in Sachen Nachhaltigkeit lieferte laut den Kritikern das „Lilla Bjers Gårdskrog“ in Visby und das „Beste Serviceerlebnis“ gibt es im „Gothia Towers Upper House“ in Göteborg. Und das ist nur eine kleine Auswahl all der hervorragenden Restaurants, die sich über ganz Schweden verteilen und symbolisch für eine faszinierende Entwicklung im gastronomischen Bereich stehen. Wer mehr über die schwedische Gastronomieszene erfahren möchte, wird hier fündig: sowie—Trinken/.     




Foto: Starkoch Mathias Dahlgren begrüßt Teilnehmer aus ganz Europa zum Bocuse d’Or Europe 2014 in Stockholm (Credit: Gastronomi Sverige/ Per-Erik Berglund)

Hamburg, 25.02.2014  Köstliche Düfte und wahre Kunstwerke fürs Auge werden am 7. und 8. Mai 2014 die Hallen des Stockholmer Messegeländes Stockholmsmässan erfüllen, wenn die Nationalkochmannschaften aus 20 europäischen Staaten den Kochlöffel um die Wette schwingen, um beim Bocuse d’Or Europe 2014 den Koch-Europameister zu ermitteln. Dabei gelten in diesem Jahr völlig neue Regeln was die Gerichte angeht: Erstmals in der Geschichte des Bocuse d’Or Europe werden die Hauptzutaten ausschließlich aus dem Gastgeberland stammen, was nicht zuletzt ein deutlicher Fingerzeig für die hervorragende Qualität der lokalen Zutaten ist. So werden den Kochteams für ihr Fischgericht Seelachs des Unternehmens Nordsjöfisk, Austern aus Grebbestad sowie Miesmuscheln des Unternehmens Scanfjord in Mollösund zur Verfügung stehen. Die Basis des Fleischgerichts bildet Jungschwein von der Sonneninsel Gotland. Für die Kreation werden die Kochteams jeweils 5 Stunden und 35 Minuten Zeit haben.

Für Deutschland wird in Stockholm Christian Krüger an den Start gehen, der Ende 2013 erstmals mit seinem Restaurant „Axt“ in Mannheim mit einem Michelin-Stern ausgezeichnet wurde. Durchsetzen muss er sich unter anderem aber auch gegen den Österreicher Maximilian Aichinger, gerne auch als „junger Wilder“ bezeichnet. Sein Motto: Die Produkte der Region wertschätzen und dennoch weltoffen sein. Dritter deutschsprachiger Herausforderer im Bunde ist der Schweizer Christoph Hunziker, der mit dem Sieg der Schweizer Bocuse-Ausscheidung nun seinen Ruf als „ewiger Zweiter“ abgelegt hat und sicher um so motivierter nach Stockholm fährt. 

Der Bocuse d’Or Europe wird im Rahmen der Kulinarik-Messen GastroNord und Vinordic stattfinden. Dabei können die Gourmets und Gourmands aber auch außerhalb des Messegeländes spannende Gaumenfreuden erleben. Denn Stockholm führt die diesjährige Liste mit den meisten Nominierungen des schwedischen Gastronomieführers White Guide an. Weitere Informationen zur Entwicklung und den Traditionen der schwedischen Gastrokultur gibt es unter sowie unter—Trinken/. Informationen zum kulinarischen Stockholm sind hier zu finden:    

Mehr Informationen zu Bocuse d’Or gibt es unter und jede Menge weiterer Pressebilder zum Thema Food gibt es unter:

Verwenden Sie auch gern das Logo von Bocuse d’Or Europe bei Ihrer Berichterstattung. 



In early April, Mathias Dahlgren launches a new experience focused on the creation, together with the guests, of the meal of the future. The starting point is a communal dining table where the chef cooks for ten guests and they together, share an evening in which the food, conversation and exchange of experiences is central.


Photo: Tuukka Ervasti/


Did you know that Gothenburg, Sweden has a blossoming street food scene? From herring food trucks to gorgeous markets, get the inside scoop on the city’s dining culture: